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Pengertian manajemen bervariasi menurut pendapat berbagai pakar manajemen,
namun pada dasarnya adalah sama.
Berikut ini beberapa pengertian manajemen :
Stoner,James A.F,Management,Prentice Hall International,Inc.London,1978.
“Management is the process of planning,organizing,leading and controlling theeffort of organizational members and the use of other operational resources inorder to achieve stated organizational goals”
Richard M.Hodgetts, Introduction to Business, Addison-Wesley Publishing
“Management is the process of getting things done through people”
Koontz Harold,Heinz Weihrich,Management,Mc Graw-Hill,1988.
“Management is thr process of designing and maintaining an environment in
which individuals, working together in groups, accomplish effesiciently selected
Pearce II John.A,Richard.B.Robinson,Jr,Management,USA Mc Grow-Hill
international Edition,1989.
Management is the process of optimizing human, material and financial
contributions for the achievement og organizational goals”
Stoner,James A.F,Edward R.Freeman, and Danial.R,Gilbert Jr,Management
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, Prentice Hall Inc.(Sixth Edtion),1995.
“Management is the process of planning organization, leading and controlling
the work of organizational members and of using all resources to available
organizational resources to reach stated organizational goals”
Schermerhorn Jr, John R,Management USA, John Wiley & The Sons, Inc, 1996.
“Management is the process of planning,organization, leading, and
controlling the use of resources to Accoumplish performance goals”
Dari berbagai pengertian manajemen, dapat dibaca adanya persamaan, yaittu
semulainya dengan—Is the process of—dan berakhir dengan –dan berakhir dengan

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